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£1.5 Million Mortgage Using Deferred Bonus Income to Boost Affordability – 19th Sep 2021


Our client was an investment banker who was paid a salary and an annual cash bonus. He is also awarded additional guaranteed annual bonuses which are paid over the following 3 years.



Whilst he had a track record of receiving standard annual bonuses, he had only received one bonus under the deferred bonus scheme. Normally, lenders require 2 years bonus history before being able to use that income. To borrow the loan required, we needed a lender who could factor in the last 2 years cash bonuses plus the one guaranteed bonus received so far.



As a large loan specialist, Magni Finance are accustomed to clients receiving vested bonuses in the form of cash or stocks/shares. Therefore, we were quickly able to find the most competitive lender available based on the complex nature of his income.


Key features:

Property value: £2.2 million

Loan amount: £1.5 million

LTV: 70%

Repayment type: Part interest only, part capital repayment

Product type: 5 year fixed

Interest rate: 1.19%