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Agricultural Finance

Agriculture finance covers a broad range of solutions available to farmers. In recent years, banks have become increasingly keen to lend in this market. Farming has evolved through equipment innovation and there has been an increase in demand for green energy produced by wind and solar farms.


Agricultural mortgages are secured against land and farm buildings and loan amounts can be up to 80% of the land or building value. Mortgage terms can be over 25 years with fixed and variable options available.


Another agriculture finance option is a flexible, short-term solution known as agriculture overdraft which helps borrowers with managing cash flow.


Increasing demand for farms has helped drive down interest rates so there is a great deal of competitive options available. It is therefore vital to make sure you are getting the best rate possible through an expert broker.


Whether you need finance to buy farmland, farm buildings, new equipment or improve existing farm infrastructure, we can help.


Magni Finance have specialist brokers with a strong understanding of agriculture and the finance options available, in particular above £1 million.


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