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Mortgages Over £10 Million

£10 Million Mortgage

Magni Finance offers bespoke lending solutions for £10 million pound mortgages in the UK and abroad. For high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients, Magni Finance has access to the best contacts in the financial sector to secure competitive and cost-effective large mortgage loans.

We work on an individual basis. Therefore, we work flexibly and do not confine clients by strict eligibility criteria. Whether a client wishes to purchase a new home, secure a second property in the UK or would like to invest abroad – everything is possible with Magni Finance.

Likewise, we understand that the property and mortgage market is constantly evolving. Therefore, we do too. So, for clients even with the most complex of finances, we can secure the best terms for a £10 million mortgage.

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  • Who Can Get a £10 Million Mortgage?

    The options to get a £10 million mortgage through high street lenders are extremely limited. However, specialist brokers like Magni Finance are in a prime position to find high net worth (HNW) clients for multi-million mortgage deals.

    Getting a £10 million mortgage differs slightly from one through a mainstream lender. One of the main reasons is that £10 million mortgage products are rare in comparison to standard ones. However, HNW brokers specialise in introducing clients to private bank lenders and can do so discreetly.

    If you are a high net worth individual seeking a £10 million mortgage, whether it be to buy a residential home or investment property, then contact us. We will arrange the mortgage application on your behalf and refer you to a lender we have built a long-term relationship.

  • What Is the Definition of a High Net Worth Client?

    A high net worth client is someone who earns, or has total assets, above a certain threshold. According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a high net worth individual (HNWI) is someone who earns above £300,000 per year or has accumulated at least £3 million in assets. There is, nevertheless, no set definition that mortgage brokers heavily rely on to work with a client.

    Visit our dedicated high net worth individual page to find out more about what constitutes an HNWI and why specialist mortgage brokers tend to work with such clients.

  • Where Can I Get a Mortgage for £10 Million?

    Evidently, accessing a mortgage for £10 million is unheard of through a high street bank or building society. Instead, clients work with specialist mortgage brokers who can then introduce them to the right private bank. Mortgage brokers are essential in the field of large mortgage loans, primarily because private bank mortgages cannot be acquired without a formal introduction.

    Magni Finance has access to many private bank lenders for mortgages on a £10 million+ house. If you would like to secure a £10 million mortgage, then book a consultation with us. We will source the best possible mortgage product for you – quickly and with minimal fuss.

  • What Salary Do I Need for a £10 Million Mortgage?

    Generally, clients tend to earn at least £300,000 per year or have assets of £3 million as mentioned above. Magni Finance can help find clients who are deemed a ‘high net worth individual’ the best mortgage product for a £10 million+ property. Likewise, those with unconventional forms of income will also be considered for a mortgage application through Magni Finance.

    For example, clients can use the following as part of their proof of income or assets:

    • Unencumbered property
    • Investment property portfolios onshore and/or offshore
    • Stocks
    • Bonuses or commission
    • Retained business profits
    • High-end assets e.g. fine art, vintage cars, yachts, etc.
    • Business assets
    • Income via trusts

    Private bank mortgages, furthermore, will consider other ‘non-standard’ forms of income. They can additionally provide expert advice and funding for clients’ other investments, such as stocks or bonds. Hence, using a specialist mortgage broker enables clients to access exclusive services.

£10 Million Mortgages: How We Work

Large mortgage loans, for various types of residential and non-residential properties, can be acquired through specialist mortgage brokers. Magni Finance, as an independent HNW broker, has years of experience in dealing with mortgages worth £10 million and above. Additionally, we also have experience in dealing with the most complex of financial terms – so, all types of clients are welcome with us.

To start the process of getting a £10 million mortgage, clients need to contact us to arrange a consultation. Following an initial meeting, where we will discuss their financial situation, we will then refer them to the right lender. We work with private bank mortgages as they offer the most flexibility for large mortgage loans, especially those worth £10 million+.

We will negotiate the best terms for all clients. So, if a client may be unhappy with the terms offered, such as the interest rates, then we will negotiate further with the lender on their behalf. Likewise, we have the means to also introduce clients to other lenders if, on rare occasions, they are not happy with the product offered.

  • What Rates Can Magni Finance Provide for £10 Million Mortgages?

    The rates for a £10 million mortgage are entirely dependent on a client’s personal financial circumstances, what kind of property they are wishing to purchase as well as what type of property it is. Generally, however, Magni Finance can source £10 million in mortgages with an interest rate starting from 3.85%. In all cases, even in the most complex ones, we will negotiate the best interest rates.

  • What Will the Monthly Repayments Be?

    How much a £10 million mortgage will cost is completely reliant on a client’s financial background and goals. Some clients wish to acquire interest-only mortgage payments which tend to be more cost-effective long term. Others, however, may have higher monthly repayments if they have a non-standard form of income.

    Generally, a £10 million mortgage may cost a client per month as follows:



    Interest Only

    15 years



    20 years



    25 years



    Nonetheless, the above is a general guideline. Because we work with clients individually, the interest rates and monthly repayments will likely differ.

    Click here to try our mortgage calculator.

  • How Much Deposit Do I Need for a £10 Million Mortgage?

    High street lenders expect borrowers, for £10 million mortgages, to have a deposit of at least 40% due to them only offering a maximum loan to value (LTV) at 60%. Private lenders, however, have the means to offer higher LTVs – within the region of 85-90%.

    The deposit amount depends on the client we are working with. Typically, we work with clients who have a deposit of at least 15-20%. International clients, meanwhile, will need to have a deposit of 25-40%.

  • Can I Get a Large Mortgage Loan If I Live Abroad?

    Yes, Magni Finance works with many international clients. Regardless if you are a UK resident or not, we can help source the best mortgage terms for a £10 million mortgage. Whether you live in Dubai, Monaco, Switzerland, Hong Kong or the USA – we can help.

    Eligibility criteria for international clients, meanwhile, do differ. Such clients will need to earn at least £300,000 per annum and have a minimum deposit between 25% and 40%. But, it is important to keep in mind that the lenders we work with are flexible with their eligibility criteria.

  • Can Magni Finance Help Clients Get a £10 Million Mortgage for a Property Abroad?

    We regularly arrange large mortgage loans for both UK residents and international clients wanting to purchase high-value properties abroad. In the past, we have helped secure properties in Monaco, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and France. Contact us now to find out more.

  • What Properties Can Magni Finance Help Secure?

    We help clients secure high-value properties both in the UK, especially in sought-after areas in the South of England and London, alongside properties abroad. We have successfully secured investment properties, such as buy-to-lets, second homes as well as commercial properties.

    Meanwhile, we also have extensive experience in finding large mortgage loans for residential properties. Whether a client wishes to purchase a holiday home or a second home for future children, we can assist.

    Take a look at our case studies to see the types of properties we have successfully secured for our clients.

  • Does Magni Finance Provide Other Services?

    Yes, Magni Finance does not only arrange large mortgage loans for £10 million+ properties, but we also specialise in other types of mortgage products, such as asset-backed mortgages, development finance, large bridging loans, commercial mortgages and loans against unique assets such as yachts.

    We also offer other premium financial services and have access to contacts in both the financial and property sector.


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