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Mortgages Over £1 Million

Mortgages For £1 Million

Million pound mortgages, although more commonplace in today’s mainstream mortgage market, are done best with Magni Finance. We are one of the leading experts for securing £1 million mortgage loans in the UK.

Therefore, clients wishing to access mortgages worth over £1 million, or even more, will be made possible with Magni Finance. With decades of experience and many success stories for our clients – we are in the best position to find competitive and flexible lending terms.

As specialist high net worth mortgage brokers, we will help find all clients the perfect mortgage product that suits both their personal and financial needs.

  • How to Get a Mortgage for £1 Million

    Although high street banks now offer larger mortgages due to property prices increasing, clients that wish to secure such mortgages will find it easier through high net worth (HNW) brokers.

    Magni Finance has built a strong foundation with several lenders in the UK who can offer mortgages worth over £1m for the right clients. Whether a client lives in the UK or abroad, we will help negotiate the best mortgage. As high net worth brokers that can access affordable and versatile mortgages, clients will even find that the most complex of financial cases can be resolved and managed by us.

    To secure a larger mortgage loan with us, that is worth 1 million pounds or more, then clients will be required to first meet our minimum eligibility criteria. For example, with a high street lender, clients will generally need a 15% deposit and a minimum income of £150,000. However, HNWI (high net worth individuals) can potentially borrow 90-90% of LTV (loan to value) through private banks. Private banks require HNWI to have either a minimum income of £300,000 per year or have total assets of £3 million or more.

    After getting in contact with us, a meeting will be arranged to discuss the client’s financial goals.

    Regardless if a client’s source of income is non-standard, we can help access mortgages for over £1 million for clients permanently residing in the UK and abroad. At Magni Finance, our years of experience and case studies demonstrate how we will always find our clients, with our one-to-one services, the best bespoke mortgage product.

  • What Income Is Needed for a £1m Mortgage?

    Conventional lenders require people to provide their income to check their eligibility and affordability for a mortgage. High street lenders will only consider standard forms of income such as bonuses and commissions as legitimate when calculating a mortgage. Furthermore, lending with high street lenders may even be capped above 75-85% LTV.

    However, with Magni Finance, clients can rest assured that all forms of “non-conventional” income will be considered. We will work with them, step by step, on a unique basis to find the right mortgage worth over £1 million.

    Private banks can consider alternative forms of income, such as from property, vested stocks and other investments that will be considered as part of a client’s yearly income required for securing a £1 million mortgage.

    We also have access to other premium financial services that could make buying a high-value property easier.

  • What Deposit Is Required for a £1m Mortgage?

    As Magni Finance offers high LTV (loan to value) mortgages, clients may be able to access £1 million mortgages with only a 10% deposit. Hence, such clients may find that accessing loans through HNW brokers like Magni Finance will put them in a better position financially long-term than a conventional mortgage would.

    How much deposit is required, however, will be dependent on the lender in question. We will, nevertheless, always negotiate with private bank lenders to find our clients the best mortgage terms.

    There truly is no challenge that we do not have the experience or services to resolve for our clients.

  • How Much Is Mortgage Payment On a £1 Million+ Property?

    Properties that are valued at seven figures or above are expected nowadays, particularly in areas surrounding London and the South East of the UK. Purchasing such properties is made possible through large loan brokers like Magni Finance.

    How much a £1,000,000 mortgage will cost will depend on both the property and the client in question. Below, clients can find a general idea of how much a 1 million pound mortgage may cost them in the UK today:

    Term Repayment Interest Only
    10 years £10,058 £3,203
    15 years £7,324 £3,203
    20 years £5,981 £3,203
    25 years £5,195 £3,203
    30 years £4,687 £3,203
    35 years £4,336 £3,203

    However, it is important to keep in mind that how much a 1 million pound mortgage will approximately cost will depend on the client and their financial background. For example, international clients will normally be subject to higher rates to secure a £1 million mortgage.

    If you are seeking a £1 million mortgage, yet unsure how much you can borrow then contact us today.

    Click here to try our mortgage calculator.

  • Can I Get a Million Pound Mortgage for a Buy-to-Let House?

    Buy-to-let properties are an extremely sought-after type of property, as they are a great means of investment for clients. How much a £1 million+ mortgage for a buy-to-let property will cost, however, will also depend on the client’s financial position. Nevertheless, we can still find the best lending terms even for other non-residential investment properties in the UK.

  • Is It Worth Using a Specialist Broker for a £1m+ Mortgage?

    While some clients could be accepted for million-pound mortgage loans through high street banks, many will find rejection or unfavourable lending terms due to such methods not considering non-standard forms of income. By using Magni Finance, those wanting to access bespoke yet affordable mortgages for high-value properties can do so with ease. There are many benefits to using a specialist HNW broker like Magni Finance. We offer:

    Various Options

    There truly is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to accessing mortgages for over £1 million with Magni Finance. We can find the best mortgages, whether it be for a buy-to-let property, commercial property or even a holiday or second home that take everything into account, and more, for our clients. Because we work on a one-to-one basis, we can guarantee our clients when using our services will acquire the best mortgage products.

    Long-Term Accessibility

    Clients with Magni Finance can access loans starting at £500,000 and even up to £10 million or more. Because we, and the private banks we work alongside, work with clients on an individual basis we can find affordable interest rates and mortgage terms. We offer large loans worth up to 95% LTV (loan to value) as well as competitive interest rates.

    We, furthermore, do not view alternative sources of income as a risk like high street lenders do. Instead, we will aim to exceed client expectations and find the most suitable financial option for them, all while taking into account the client’s, and their family’s future wealth and professional circumstances.

    Flexible & Specialist Solutions

    At Magni Finance, we aim to provide flexibility wherever possible. Our clients all have varying financial and personal backgrounds, so we are able to find a mortgage worth over £1 million no matter how complex the case.

    If a client is seeking flexibility and wishes to purchase a property in the UK, then we can help. We offer mortgages worth £1 million, and higher, to clients with different forms of income, careers and personal situations. Whether a first-time buyer, a young working professional such as a lawyer or an entrepreneur – we will assist.

    We also have access to other specialist financial services that help clients acquire mortgages fast and efficiently. Our case studies showcase that multi-million-pound properties are achievable, even in the most complex of financial situations, and we will find the best £1 million+ mortgage.

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If you would like to access a mortgage worth over £1m, then contact Magni Finance. We will arrange a free no obligation meeting to discuss your personal and financial preferences. If happy following the initial arrangement, we can then introduce you to one of the private banks in our network. The process is fast, hassle-free and efficient for all clients when using Magni Finance’s large mortgage loan services.


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