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Large Mortgage Broker London


With property prices soaring, particularly in London and the South East, many mortgages now exceed £1 million pound.


Historically, high street lenders could not assist at this level, but with growing competition between lenders and increasing demand for high value mortgages, this has resulted in more lenders entering this market.


Clients looking to obtain these mortgages will invariably have more complex income structures such as large annual bonuses and vested stocks so it is important to find a flexible lender.


To borrow above £1 million, clients will normally need to put down at least a 15% deposit and can expect the lender to carry out additional affordability checks.


This is where Magni Finance excel. We have a huge amount of experience in arranging high value mortgages generally for investment bankers, lawyers and business owners with multiple income streams.


Many of these clients will have fluctuating incomes and may prefer to have some or all of the mortgage on an interest only basis, rather than capital repayment, to reduce monthly costs and manage their cash flow more effectively.


Magni Finance have an in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients and will take a holistic approach to structure your finance in a way that suits your short and long term plans.


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