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£6.5 Million Loan Secured Against Business Assets – 23rd June 2023


The client was a successful business owner with significant mixed business assets with a net value of circa £20 Million. The assets were largely unencumbered and the client was looking to raise funds for personal investments.



Due to the nature of the transaction, only a private bank or specialist lender would be able to assist. As the assets were owned by a limited company, the finance solution also needed to be approved by their accountant who was comparing the pros and cons of a business loan with a personal loan.



Magni Finance made a formal introduction to the private bank and liaised with the banker and the clients accountant to structure in the best possible way. The company accounts were analysed in great detail to establish the loan could be serviced. The bank were able to use the business assets as security but lend to the client as a personal loan which met their longer term objectives under the advice of the accountant.


Key figures:

Asset value: £20 Million

Loan amount: £6.5 Million

Repayment type: Interest only

Product type: 2 year tracker

Interest rate: 4.5% (0.5% plus 4% margin)