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24 / 11 / 2022

Am I Suitable For a High-Net-Worth Mortgage?

High Net Worth Mortgages are designed for borrowers who have a high net worth and often complex income, with the intention of providing them with more flexible borrowing options. These loans typically come with higher loan-to-value ratios and tailored repayment structures than conventional mortgages. This type of mortgage also offers features such as full interest only and the ability to borrow more than the 5.5x income multiple that standard mortgages accommodate.

High Net Worth Mortgages are a great option for borrowers who have substantial assets and income to back their mortgage application, as these loans provide access to higher loan amounts with less stringent requirements. These mortgages can be used for primary residences, second homes, investment properties, or even to purchase multiple properties. As a HNWI, borrowers are able to leverage their assets to purchase expensive properties to minimise the amount of cash they need to put down for the deposit. Additionally, these mortgages can be used to consolidate debt or finance home improvements projects.

No matter what your borrowing goals may be, High Net Worth Mortgages provide a great way to access bespoke lending solutions with competitive interest rates and terms.

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