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Magni Finance, featured in The Times
Is now the time to get a tracker mortgage? – 6th Aug 2023
A tracker mortgage could be the best option for the brave — but only if you think interest

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Can I Get A Mortgage Using Vested Stock Bonuses?
There are various employee incentives across the UK aimed to attract and retain talented individuals to companies. One

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Pros & Cons Of High Net Worth Mortgages
High net worth mortgages offer an alternative loan option to borrowers looking to invest in more expensive UK

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Magni Finance, High Value Mortgage Brokers in London, specialising in large mortgages.
Can I Get A Bridging Loan With Bad Credit?
Bridging loans have become increasingly popular in the UK as a flexible and convenient financing option. These short-term

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What Can A Bridging Loan Be Used For?
As a flexible and convenient borrowing option, UK bridging loans have gained in popularity over recent years, allowing

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How Do High Net Worth Mortgages Work?
For individuals with significant wealth and assets, traditional mortgage options may not adequately meet their borrowing needs. In

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